Jack tried to ignore the voice and walked away. The shadow towered over him "if you join me, we will both be believed in." The voice said trying to lure Jack into a trap. "NEVER!" He exclaimed as he swung his staff around causing ice bolts to fly out of control. The shadow disappeared and so did the ice bolts. He immediately flew away. There was only one place he could go now. He had to go to the North Pole. He had arrived. He saw the huge ice covered building with long, sharp icicles attached to the edges. He flew to the door. The yetis weren't there. He pushed oped the huge doors with all his strength. The place was dark and abandoned. He could see the globe with only very few lights left. They were going out very slowly. He knew that one of them wasn't Jamie this time. He walked over to they gigantic globe, stepping over all the broken toys that we left there on the ground. "You brought this on yourself." The words were cold and sharp, even for Jack. He was immediately ready to attack. A tall, dark man with evil yellow eyes appeared from the darkness. "This" he pointed to the globe "is all your fault." Jack quickly raised his staff at the same level as his neck "you still don't get it do you, Jack? What will you say to the guardians about this?" He laughed quietly "oh Jack, what have you done?"

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