Jack stood still thinking long and hard when suddenly North, bunnymund, sandy and tooth burst through the doors causing jack to leap in sudden shock. They all ran up to him. "Jack!" Shouted north sounding relieved "There you are! We have been searching everywhere for you!" Bunny, sandy and north we all looking relieved but a little concerned at the same time and tooth still looked a little hurt from before. Jack looked at them and then looked at the globe. They all gasped. They were so intrigued and confused about the lights that they didn't even notice the state the workshop was in. Jack explained what happened, leaving out the part about Jamie for the moment. Jack was hoping that none of them would ask if the last light was Jamie but unfortunately bunny pointed it out. "Well we know the last light is Jamie isn't it?" Bunny asked. Jack looked away trying not to make eye contact with any of them "I don't know" jack replied. "What do you mean you don't know?! You are the closest to the kid!" Bunny snapped "he.... I.. It's my fault!" Jack replied. He sighed loudly, the guilt was killing him.

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