Jack felt lost and empty. He stood at the end of an icy ledge Staring out into the Blizzard. He wondered if things could get any worse. He didn't want to live life like this, no one would. His eyes filled up with tears of sorrow and despair. He wondered if he would live eternity like this, alone and not believed in. He dived of the edge of the cliff, falling deeper and deeper into the ravine, his hair waving frantically in the wind. When he came to the bottom he fell into the corner, resting his head on the side. He wasn't trapped in the ravine but he felt trapped from freedom. Don't children believe in fun? Back at the workshop the guardians watched the last light flicker. Jack held his head as the sharp, knife like feeling was tearing away at him. He was the only guardian in that much pain, he was the most wounded. He couldn't take the pain anymore, he wanted it to stop. He was struggling for life. The light became very dim. Jack laid his head on the icy ground and closed his eyes, without struggle.

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