Warning: I made this because I'm bored and everyone seems to be offline. So don't judge me.

Jack is about to float up because Man in Moon has chosen Jack to become a guardian, Jack said "Darkness, It was the first thing I remember, It was dark, It was cold, and I was scared. Then I saw the moon, It was so big, It was so bright, It kinda chased the darkness away, And when it did, I wasn't scared anymore" Jack breathed deeply when he reached the surface, and flew infront of Man in Moon. Then Jack gently flew down to the ice, the ice was cleared when Jack touched the ground. He took one step, and almost fell but didn't. Then took his second step and he got the hang on it. He looked at the staff and touched it with his foot. The staff's middle becomes frozen. And then he grabbed the staff and touches it with the tree, touched the tree surprisingly and touched the tree with his staff, he jumped up and down excitedly and skated around the ice barefooted with his staff making snowflake designs, after that he quickly flew so very high, watching the snowflakes on the frozen ice that he made growing. Then he flew around until he drops down to a tree branch and grabbed it. And then he looked over at the village called Burgess. He laughed for a little while and does not get how to fly straight, he flies curvy till he gets to Burgess. He drops down and rolls around for a little while and says "Hi!" to at least everyone. He checked it out, He saw a dog ran and he saw a kid. He asked the kid "Oh, excuse me Do you know where I am?" Jack was surprised, the boy ran through him and he became sad, people keeps on getting walked through him. How? Because everyone does not believe in him. Then he said "My name is Jack Frost. How did I know? The moon told me so. And that's everything what the moon had told me".

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