Warning: I always make this fanfictions because I'm that bored. And I'm making these for my friends/siblings here in the wiki. :3 Emma Overland may be Jack Frost's sister but it's made up.


There was a little girl from Burgess named Emma Overland. She is 9 years old and has medium brown hair with brown sided bangs. She felt very sad after the accident of her brother fell down and drowned in the cold ice.

"I miss my brother a lot" Emma murmered. After hearing her mother say, "You can play anyday now Emma"

"But Jack is not here. I need to wait for him to play" Emma said quietly. "But Jack is---" Her mother sighed.

"Dead". "Jack is not dead! It was only one of his tricks! He always play tricks on me!" Emma oddly shouted.

"But it's been a year since that accident. Are you still sure he's tricking you?" Her mother told her.

"Yes, It's just a simple trick.." Emma sighed.

"It's going to snow now Emma, let's go inside the house" Her mother smiled gently.

"But I want to wait for Jack!" Emma sadly shouted.

"But It's been a year Jack drowned. He is totally dead. I am sorry Emma" Her mother seriously told her the truth.

Emma's friend Mary (Blonde Girl) came over to their house and told Emma about tomorrow.

"Hey Emma! Me and Jake are going to the campfire this midnight to roast the bird we caught" Mary said.

"Umm yeah okay" Emma said.

"Do you wanna come? You can always come Emma!" Mary said happily.

"Umm no thanks Mary, I'm good" Emma said sadly

"What's wrong Emma? Don't tell me it's about your brother Jack again" Mary said boredly.

"Don't you miss him?! I want him back" Emma shouted angrily at Mary.

"I do miss your brother. But that was a year ago. You should get over it" Mary rolled her eyes and walked off.

"What have I done?" Emma said, looking up at the dark sky with little snowflakes.

A small snowflake dropped down at Emma. Emma stared at the snowflake on her nose.

The Next Day, Her mother came out of the house and surprisingly said

"Emma! You didn't sleep? Why didn't you go inside the house and sleep?" Her mother said.

"I miss Jack, that's why?" Emma said boredly.

"You are starting to be bored about Jack. It's okay if you get over it" Her mother said.

"Why? If you miss someone who you really love, why do you get over them? Emma said.

"You can still have fun while missing the ones you love. That's why" Her mother said while smiling.

"Oh, okay" Emma said quietly with eyes widen.

"Now will you come inside for roast chicken?" Her mother said while taking a little cup of laughter.

"Haha, okay!" Emma said chuckling.

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