Baby Tooth touched the tooth box, and Jack has touch it, Jack entered his memory world. His mother said "Be Careful" and he said "We will", they headed off with his sister to the frozen pond to train skating. Meanwhile, his sister said "Jack, I'm scared" but then Jack said "We're gonna have a little fun instead, when I trick you" and she said "Yes you always play tricks!" Jack said "Well not this time, I promise. Your not gonna fall in" "How about a game of Hopscotch? Like we play everyday! It's easy as 1.. 2.. Woooahh. 3! Now it's your turn." "1.. That's it. 2.. 3!" Jack pulled her away from the cracking ice that is about to fall in the cold water with his wooden staff. Jack reached out for her but quickly falled in the water. Her sister shouted "Jack!", Jack has exited his memory world. And then surprisingly told Baby Tooth. "Did you, did you see that?!" Baby Tooth shaked her head. "I had a family, I had a sister! I saved her!" Jack looked up at the moon. "That's why you chose me. I'm, I'm a guardian"

Jack's Sister (talk) 13:59, December 19, 2013 (UTC)Jack's Sister

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