Jack Frost's Little Sister

aka Mary Alice Amber Overland

  • I live in Burgess
  • My occupation is Little Sister of Jack Frost
  • I am Female
  • Jack Frost's Little Sister

    Hi, I'm Mary, Jack Frost's Little Sister! This is Jack's memory in my point of view (pov), hope you all like it! :)

    I looked up at Jack as he was quickly taking off his skates. I could feel the ice under me cracking with every breath I took. "It's okay, it's okay!" Jack said reaching his hand out to me, "Don't look down, just look at me." Jack put his to his chest. "Jack, I'm scared" I told him, the ice continued cracking beneath my feet. "I know, I know," Jack said, attempting to take a step toward me, but was stopped by the ice cracking under his foot, "But, your gonna be alright and your not gonna fall in, uhhh, we're gonna have a little fun instead!" "No, we're not!" "Would I trick you?" "Yes! You always play tricks!" Jack took a step t…

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