Hi, I'm Mary, Jack Frost's Little Sister! This is Jack's memory in my point of view (pov), hope you all like it! :)

I looked up at Jack as he was quickly taking off his skates. I could feel the ice under me cracking with every breath I took. "It's okay, it's okay!" Jack said reaching his hand out to me, "Don't look down, just look at me." Jack put his to his chest. "Jack, I'm scared" I told him, the ice continued cracking beneath my feet. "I know, I know," Jack said, attempting to take a step toward me, but was stopped by the ice cracking under his foot, "But, your gonna be alright and your not gonna fall in, uhhh, we're gonna have a little fun instead!" "No, we're not!" "Would I trick you?" "Yes! You always play tricks!" Jack took a step toward me as a lifted my left foot and placed it back down, trying to get a better balance. "Well, alright, well, well not-not-not this time, I promise, I promise, your gonna be, your gonna be fine," I looked up at him, "You have to believe in me" I took a deep breath, then released it, trying to calm down. He reached out to me again then stood up "Do you wanna play a game? We're gonna play hopscotch, like we play everyday" I smiled, I loved hopscotch, "I-I-It's as easy as, uh, one," He took a step, the ice cracked under him, he looked up at me with a smile "Whooooooaaaaa!" I laughed as he pretended to fall, swinging his left leg and both arms out "Two," he took another step "Three! Alright," He bent down and picked up his staff, then faced me "Now it's your turn, one," I took a step and gasped when the ice cracked under me, "That's it, that's it," Jack said encouragingly, "two," I gasped again and looked up at Jack "Three!" He suddenly leaned forward and hooked his staff around my waist, then flung me across the ice to safety! I looked around, then, realizing what had happened, looked up at Jack. We both smiled and laughed as we both stood up, Jack took a step toward me, reaching his hand out to me, but then


I gasped, reaching my hand out, I screamed "JACK!"

He had taken my place! He had been standing where I had been! I would've been the one to fall in if he hadn't have saved me! I've been looking for him ever since. If you've seen my brother, please tell me, I just want my big brother back.

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