Chapter 1: The Morning

It was a warm bright morning in the month of August. Jamie Bennett was walking out of his house to feed his great big Greyhound, Abbey. As he fed her, he looked around with dismay. It was as if he were looking for something. He searched the sky, the yard, the fence, even the roof of his own house, but still he couldn’t find it. He walked back inside to find his little sister, Sophie, waiting with a big grin on her face. It was her first day to school.

He looked down at her with a little smirk and said, “I guess he’s not coming.”

She seemed to get a little teary eyed, but didn’t cry. Their mother said that it was time for school. The two children ran out the front door just in time to see the huge school bus come to a stop in front of their house. When they stepped aboard, Sophie looked at all the children in the seats and began to worry, but Jamie comforted her and held her by the hand. As they went down the isle, he recognized several of his friends, such as Caleb, Pippa, and Cupcake, who had an entire seat to herself. When Jamie and Sophie finally found an open seat, they shared it.

Within a few minutes the bus was underway for the school. They had been traveling for a few minutes when Jamie heard a thud on the roof of the bus. He looked at Sophie and his friends, they had apparently heard the same noise too for they were all looking up at the ceiling as well. He started to smile again when he heard whistling coming from above.

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