Chapter 2: Jack Frost

On the roof of the bus was a very peculiar character. A boy, but not just any boy, one that had bright white hair and eyes as blue as you would never imagine. He was lying on the roof with his back propped up against the roof escape hatch. Leaning against his right shoulder was what appeared to by a wooden shepherd’s staff. He seemed perfectly balanced, even though the bus was turning tight corners, as he fiddled with the strings of his dark royal blue hoodie. While he did this, he whistled a tune he had picked up from somewhere.

The bus came to a stop in front of the Burgess Elementary School and its hinged doors flung open and a mob of kids jumped off the bus and ran all over the school’s playground. Jamie and Sophie were the last ones off. Jamie quickly looked back up at the top of the bus, expecting there to be two huge eyes peering over the edge looking at him, but there were none. Then there was a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see the boy standing there leaning against the front finder of the bus. Jamie then let go of Sophie’s hand and ran right at the boy screaming, “Jack”, at the top of his lungs and almost tackled the boy to the ground. The boy, who’s named seemed to be Jack, kept his balanced, cleared his throat and nodded his head over toward the bus. Jamie looked and noticed the bus driver looking at him with a strange expression. He quickly closed the doors and the bus sped off down the street.

“I almost thought that the heat was keeping you away”, said Jamie. Jack looked down at him with a crooked smile and replied, “You now me better than that. Nothing is ever going to keep me from hanging around here”. Jamie looked at him hard for a moment, but just them Sophie came out from behind him and grabbed hold of Jack’s left leg chanting, “Frosty, frosty, frosty”. Jack tried to pry her loose of his leg, but instead fell face first into the ground.  All of a sudden Pippa, one of Jamie’s friends, came up and remarked, “Having a little trouble there?” Jack looked up at her woozily and said, “Hm, yeah I-I could use……some help”, and he flopped his head back down. Jamie and Pippa had finally pulled Sophie free of Jack’s leg when the school bell rung. They joined up with the others and called, “Come on Jack, your gunna be locked out”. Jack just looked up half dazed and mumbled, “Go on without me, I’ll be there in a moment. I have my own way in”. They shrugged and walked inside while holding onto Sophie, who was jumping and screaming to get loose of their grip. This left Jack outside by himself. After he finally got his balance, he picked up his staff and dusted off all the bits and pieces of grass that had clung to his hoodie.

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