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  • Katrina Cahill

    Hi~! This is my very first fanfic on RoTG, so, if there's anything wrong, I apologize. ~ Cammary Erys


    |Jack Frost|

    He was only sitting on Jamie's roof looking at the dreams Sandy was giving when he saw her.He held out his hand to reach out for a strand of gold that slithered it's way to Jamie's window. Bits and pieces separated itself from the dreamsand, revealing to the young Guardian that the boy was about to dreaming of the snow that will follow the next day. He was giving a laugh, imagining what Jamie would look like when he'd look out his window; when an idea had struck him.

    He cupped his hands on one lone snowflake and blew softly on it; encasing it in ice that glowed a cool, soft shade of ice-blue as it shimmered with gold…

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