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  • Kyokoxtsuna123

    Chapter 3

    (Jamie's POV)

    She didn't response but to looked at me. "H-hi I'm N-namine Alfson I-it is nice to see you" she said. I smiled at her widely then someone threw me a snowball. I looked behind and saw Jack making snowball "Get a room for you two" I got confuse when he said that word "What do you mean?" I replied.

    "You'll understand when your older" Jack said throwing it to Melody. "Hey!" Melody said and make one as her target was Jack. "Hey! How about TWO VERSUS TWO!" I yelled going to Jack's side.  

    "BRING IT ON!" Yelled back by Melody as we start our Snowball fight.  The first who throw was Jack and Namine threw the snowball to me. We all laughed while playing the snowball fight it was fun! until the night came I heard my mother callin…

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  • Kyokoxtsuna123

    Chapter 2

    "She's right by my side" Jack said. but when Namine looked at his side but she still didn't saw. "I guess I won't be a better Guardian.." Melody said frowning down. "Try to believe" he said. Melody stood up as she created a grass to lay down

    when Namine saw that she started to believe and she appeared by her seeing. she smiled and Jack frost quickly poked Melody.
    "Melody" he said as Melody turned her head to see Jack. "Look!" he said pointing at Namine. When she turned her head she saw Namine smiling at her "Did she see me?" she asked Jack if its true. Jack nodded. Namine waved at her as Melody flew up.


    I can't believe she believe in me that so easily! I landed and sat beside her as she glanced at me "Uhm you okay?" I sa…

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  • Kyokoxtsuna123

                                                      Guardian of Music and Spring 

                                                              By:Christina D. Gumba  

    '                                                                                       Chapter '1

                                                                                   ~Knowing the Truth~

    This Afternoon all the students went out for excitement to go home of course winter is coming a red haired girl walked by and saw a child running over and the child is about to hit but the red haired girl quickly ran and rescued her by sacrifice herself she died.

    The guardians approached as the Blonde haired girl came seeing it what did happened Jack Frost came near to her and asked "What ha…

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  • Kyokoxtsuna123

    About uh...

    December 7, 2013 by Kyokoxtsuna123

    Well Hi Guys! 

    Since I'm not new here and I really haven't use this account though...I am wondering why there are so many cool Fanfictions in this blog post well I love fanfictions and I am hoping or thinking if I can post mine..Cause mine is weirder.. I think? Well my chapter isn't finish yet In wattpad yesh I have one but its up to 4 yet still doing my chapter 5

    I should tell about the story...

    The story is all about the new guardian named Gwen Hamilton it change her name into Melody cause the man in the moon choose her to keep the children safe since her powers were music and spring like bunny's but not the Easter its just like melting the snow making it grassy (Gwen Hamilton isn't mine it is from my friend) Pitch came back with the fearlin…

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