Guardian of Music and Spring 

                                                          By:Christina D. Gumba  

'                                                                                       Chapter '1

                                                                               ~Knowing the Truth~

This Afternoon all the students went out for excitement to go home of course winter is coming a red haired girl walked by and saw a child running over and the child is about to hit but the red haired girl quickly ran and rescued her by sacrifice herself she died.

The guardians approached as the Blonde haired girl came seeing it what did happened Jack Frost came near to her and asked "What happen?" The blonde's ocean blue eyes looked at Jack's frozen blue orbs and said "The girl run over and rescued the child," she force to smile, "I can't believe you guys are real!" she continued. Jack smiled at her as the Guardians approached "Jack we need to get back we have Christmas business to do" Tooth said carrying the teeth "Ahh right" Replied by Jack he looked at the red haired girl as he flew to her "Hmm....North what do you think about her?" Jack continued as North came with his swords "The man in moon will tell us soon" North replied .

Jack nodded and North pulled out the crystal ball where it can teleport them back to where they work he throw it as the portal appeared to the place where North works All of the Guardians approached inside as the portal closed.

~2 Years Later~

The felt that the girl felt warm and peace she's feeling that she's laying down on the grass she thinks that she's dead or alive but then she slowly opened her eyes as she saw the blurry view but it's completely clear of the vision.

She breathe and saw a white haired guy staring at her his lips were smiling as he faced at her seeing his Frozen blue eyes as she felt cold and shivers

"Where am I?" she said in a blink of an eye "Jack Frost?" she said looking back at him "Yep its me" she stood up by the help of Jack.

"Your the Guardian now" Jack continued The red haired girl shocked to know that she's the Guardian does she mean she died because of the child she rescued? 

"I-i am??" The red haired girl replied as Jack nodded for the agreement of the answer "North said I'm your partner" he replied so Jack's partner is the red haired girl. the girl seems so surprise to hear that "So what's your name?" He continued "Gwen Hamilton, Or you can call me Melody that's what the man in the moon said" she replied Gwen Hamilton is a nice girl Jack Frost must help her to know what Guardian is she.

"Let's go and find out what Guardian are you" Jack replied "oh and by the way your name is a nice one" he continued "I need to see my my mother!" Melody said worrying about her mother.

Jack Frost grabbed her hands as they flew to the sky "Melody you can't" Jack said while they are flying "But How?? I know mother knows that I'm still alive!" Melody said sure about her answer. but Jack stopped at the roof of the house. he looked down as he seated down. Melody thinks that this place seems so familiar to her maybe its her home?

"Jack this place is sounds familiar to me" Melody said looking around. Jack sighed and looked at the entrance of the door where it opens as the adult came out "Mother?" Melody said as she flies down "Mother!!! its me!! Gwen!! I'm alive Mother!" she yelled. her mother didn't notice because she doesn't believe in her yet. Her mother got pass through her as Melody's Hazel eyes got widen.

She got shocked that her mother didn't notice her so badly. Jack tried to tell her that she can't because she's a guardian and she must know that she doesn't exist yet. no one believes in her. she's a new guardian.

And she didn't know yet what kind of guardian is she. Jack Frost flew to her as he landed safely he looked at her Hazel eyes and said "Melody no one believes in you yet, and we need to figure out what kind of Guardian are you" Melody nodded. They both flew up as they enjoy the air. Melody's lips smiled and enjoys herself for feeling the wind blowing from them it was just like that she flies like a bird.

"Melody I have someone to meet you" Jack replied landing on the land where its full of grass and they heard how the water runs. They saw a young blond girl sitting down alone while she's glancing at the river where her house located by the trees.

Jack flew to the blond girl and greeted her kindly she smiled sweetly that she's happy to see him again every time when the guardians came she wants to smile sweetly and that's what is in to her the moment that she started to believe that the guardians are real.

Melody seems so out of place and she didn't talked. Jack said "Hey Namine would you like to meet someone?" Namine nodded. "Sure Jack! so where is it?" she said turning her head around.


Kindah short and the words were little I just copy it from Documents I mean from Wattpad (My account) then Documents and tadah! here!  Hope you guys enjoy..Chapter 1 first~ the others will be soon

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