Chapter 2

"She's right by my side" Jack said. but when Namine looked at his side but she still didn't saw. "I guess I won't be a better Guardian.." Melody said frowning down. "Try to believe" he said. Melody stood up as she created a grass to lay down

when Namine saw that she started to believe and she appeared by her seeing. she smiled and Jack frost quickly poked Melody.
"Melody" he said as Melody turned her head to see Jack. "Look!" he said pointing at Namine. When she turned her head she saw Namine smiling at her "Did she see me?" she asked Jack if its true. Jack nodded. Namine waved at her as Melody flew up.


I can't believe she believe in me that so easily! I landed and sat beside her as she glanced at me "Uhm you okay?" I said snapping at her. she blinked and still with a smile.

"So your a new Guardian!" she said in a tone of surprise. wow this kid really believe in the guardians well I hope in the future she still does too. I nodded in a agreement as she hugged me like a pillow "It is nice to see you!"

The first time that this kid hug me. I hugged her back as Jack pulled me. "Hey Jack? why did you do that?" I said to him. he didn't reply but to smile I turn to the child as she introduce herself "Hi I'm Namine Alfson!"

"I'm Gwen Hamilton you can call me Melody" I replied to her. then suddenly Jack grabbed my hands as he flew up with me I saw Namine stood up as Jack starts to move even Namine but by walking "Jack?"

"Melody lets go visit someone" he replied with his happy face.

When we stopped Jack and I landed on the ground safely as He flew up to the window knocking it.

And when I turn I saw Namine stopped as she seated down. Okay? I think being a Guardian is hard for me?


I waited for Jamie to come out but still I can see his sister playing with his stuff toy of bunny. hm? Bunnymund? and then I saw Jamie came grabbing the rabbit stuff toy I didn't heard what they are saying of course I'm outside of the window.

I keep waiting for their conversation to end until I heard him went down stairs bet he sees me!

Jamie opened the door. "Jack!" he shouted my name. I smiled and flew to him.

"What brings you here?" he continued. "Just hanging around and I want you to meet someone" I said flew to Melody and Namine.

Jamie looked at my direction.


When I looked I saw Jack and a blond girl, wow this is the first time I saw her. she's glancing and her eyes they were beautiful well any way I run to Jack as I sit down beside him.

I asked him if who is she. Jack didn't tell but to smirk at me "Jack? I'm serious" I said to him.

"Go on and Talk to her she might be your best friend soon" he said flying up making the branches of the tree froze.

I quickly go near to the blond girl as I trying to say hi to her but she keeps on talking to someone I don't know who but its weird though maybe a guardian? its impossible to be a guardian. "Jamie! I forgot" Jack frost said landed on the snowy ground as he walked to me and sit beside with a space.

"Try to believe" He said. got confused from what he was saying what believe?

"Melody! try to make a grass again!" The blond girl said with a smile Melody? is that what mother said? Melody is true! I did believe in her but then I saw her making a grass she's so happy I guess. "Jack! You didn't told me that I'm going to meet a new guardian!"

"I am suppose to" he replied to me. The blond girl looked at me with a little bit of smile with a emotion of the shy one. I guess she's a shy type.

"Hi!" I said with a smile at both of them. Both of them looked at me as the Guardian smiled back at me instead of the blonde girl she seem so shy and scared at me. I think she never has a friend?

"I'm Jamie Bennett! its nice to see you two" I replied still with a smile.

"Hey I'm Gwen Hamilton‚ you can call me Melody" The Guardian said to me as I looked at the blond girl without any response.

"Hey there" I said to her as I stood up. going near to her and sat down beside her. her eyes were I can see was fear.

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