Chapter 3

(Jamie's POV)

She didn't response but to looked at me. "H-hi I'm N-namine Alfson I-it is nice to see you" she said. I smiled at her widely then someone threw me a snowball. I looked behind and saw Jack making snowball "Get a room for you two" I got confuse when he said that word "What do you mean?" I replied.

"You'll understand when your older" Jack said throwing it to Melody. "Hey!" Melody said and make one as her target was Jack. "Hey! How about TWO VERSUS TWO!" I yelled going to Jack's side.  

"BRING IT ON!" Yelled back by Melody as we start our Snowball fight.  The first who throw was Jack and Namine threw the snowball to me. We all laughed while playing the snowball fight it was fun! until the night came I heard my mother calling out my name. 

"Jamie its getting dark!" my mother repeatedly said to me. I looked at them as I said "Guess I need to go home" 

"well we can come back tomorrow" Melody said and then I smiled widely because I can see them again. "Really? That's cool!! well see you guys!" I said as I run home.

(Jack's POV)

I grabbed my staff as I looked at Melody glancing at the door. "Melody! Let's go and meet the other Guardians" I said. she blinked and nodded. Namine stood up and said "I should get going too since you guys are busier". I nodded and then Namine went home by herself. 

I quickly took out the ball which it can teleport us to North pole,Australia, Southeast Asia and even my home Burgess. 

"Ball to North Pole, please" I whispered as the image appeared. I looked at Melody and I grabbed her hands. "Let's go?" She nodded as I threw it. The portal came out and we went in. 

when we arrived at North Pole I looked around to see if North was here. All I can see was yetis working for the gifts and when I bump something I fell down and looked to see North smiling at me. "So you brought her?" he said. I nodded as I saw the Guardians approached. "Good thing they are here" then the yetis stopped working even the elves as they walked towards. "The new guardian huh if I can see those eyes evily you'll pay, mate" Bunnymund said to her meanly.

"oh Bunny you didn't know about her ye-" Tooth's words been but by North's finger. "Stop talking" he said. "And MUSIC PLEASE!" he yelled as the elves starts the music out loud that can burst out my eardrums. Tooth's smiled widely as Bunny looked at her glaring. Bunnymund didn't trust her yet huh.

(Melody's POV)

Goodness! The Mega Loud of it all!! the trumpets and horns and some other instruments bursting out of my eardrum! its because it was loud! I saw the elves doing the circle surrounded me as the yetis creates fire to its stick as they dance along towards to me and dance around.

I hold my necklace as I tighten it and I shouted "STOP THE MUSIC!!!!!!!".

the waves of the music appeared as the rabbit's eyes got widen while the other guardians closed their ears. The elves eyes got widen even the yetis too. I don't know how did I do that? 

Jack got surprise after I do that. "" he said smiling at me.

"Mate, how can that be cool? look! I have big ears and I can hardly hear it! and it makes my eardrum burst because of that!" the rabbit said meanly. I smirked at him and said "Hey rabbit you want more? and yeah thanks for insulting that". 

He glared at me and said "My name is not Rabbit and I'm Bunnymund,mate" 

Then the fairy came blocking with her fairies she smiled at me while flying "Oh! Oh! You look gorgeous! Hi there new guardian! I'm Toothiana! you can call me tooth I collect teeth and memories, oh! oh! let me see your teeth!" She said forcing her hands opening my mouth to see my teeth. "Oh! they look gorgeous since your baby teeth came out when your a kid! look they just look like a muscial frozen melody!" then Tooth flies backwards with her faries fell in love with my teeth? 

the big guy with a long beard who looks like santa claus came near to me with a kind smile. I just looked at him and wait for his words.

"I'm North" he said then the surprise came when he hugged me tightly "Your welcome New Guardian!" he continued as my breathe can't catch an air. "N-north, N-need A-air!". he broke the hug and smiled at me. 

"Since your the new guardian YETIS! BUILD A ROOM FOR HER!" he continued as the yetis began to get a tools as they find a place to sleep with.  "Oh yeah I forgot!" He looked at the sandman covered with yellow dust whose waving at me with a smile "He's Sandman" I nodded.

"Hm? Hope you'll enjoy here! you'll go with Jack since your room still fixing" He continued. When I looked at Jack he grabbed my hands as we went to his room. He lay down relaxing on his bed. I don't know what am I going to do? Am I going to lay down with him?. then my thoughts been cut by Jack "Hey Melody won't you lay down with me?".  "I should try" I said laying down beside him. "Good night" he said. "Night too" I replied him back as we both went to sleep.  (Jamie's POV) 

"Jamie! Can you please open the door!" yelled by my Mother. "Alright Mom!" I yelled her back and I went down stairs with Sophie wearing a fairy wings. I quickly opened the door and saw Namine awkward smiling at me she brought a paper holding it and I felt that someone came beside me glaring at her. I looked at my dog Abby and said "Abby It's alright, It's just only my friend". 

her eyes have the fear of it and still it makes me feel worrying about her. "Just go in Abby" I continued as Abby went in and then I heard Sophie's yelling. 

"Uhmm..Jamie?" Namine said and I smiled at her. "Yes? Namine?" I replied back. Namine showed me her drawing.A drawing of Guardians she's good at drawing huh that's what I recognize it. "I want to give this to you because you make me feel happy and a new friend" she said with a shy expressions. "Well, Your drawings seems so good" I said. "I live alone in my home, and you are the first human friend that I ever know, so Uhmm..Jamie thanks" she said with a smile.

I smiled back at her too until I heard my mother yelled again. "Jamie! Let your friend in! you can ask your friend if she wants to stay here!". 

"Alright Mother!" I yelled back looking at my mother then I turned my head to Namine to see her. "You should stay here since your alone" I said to her. She nodded and said "I should get my things!" 

"Can I go with you?" I said. 

"No Jamie you can't its too dangerous" she said moving backwards slowly. 

"Dangerous? Trust me Namine! I'll be safe when we get back!" I said to her and still she didn't agree. 

"Don't worry about me Jamie I'll be fine! just wait for me" she said as she starting to walk. "Oh, Okay then!". I wait for her after ten minutes I saw her with three bags beside her. I stood up to help her but she doesn't want to. she wants me to make sure that she's really fine to all of her things inside her bags are light. But I didn't agree. I carried her two bags upstairs since Abby's waiting for me to come. she's on my bed wigling her tail. when she saw Namine she glared at her again and it makes my situation bad. "Abby Trust me She's my friend" I said to her. she jumped off my bed and walked outside leaving us alone. 

We put her bags by the side of it and I lay down on my bed. Namine stood there glancing at me "what's wrong Namine?" I said making sure if she has problems with me. I hope she doesn't have. 

"Are you sure I'm going to sleep with you on your.....Bed?" She said and I nodded. "Is it alright?" she continued. "Of course!" I replied back. she lay down beside me and rolled with different position. 

"Good night Namine" I said and fell asleep as I heard her last night words " Good Night too".

(North's POV)

Bunnymund,Toothiana and Sandman went back to their homes. I looked at the man in the moon smiling at him and said "Old friend thank you for the news". 

when I looked at the Globe I saw a black dust flying arround the globe and heard an evil laugh I looked everywhere to check who it was so when the man appeared standing on the Globe he's smile were creepy. I quickly took out my two swords and said "What do you need Pitch Black!" 

"Oh came here for a little visit isn't that nice?" he said. I glared at him as he sat down. "I wish you wouldn't mess up with my plan North...I have another plan to get the new powers I want and need" he continued. "Pitch! Sandman's powers? hah! You can't have his own powers now! look! your useless dust were fiewer! thanks to sandman!" I said. 

"and who wouldn't thought? alright how about this Santa Claus, The New Guardian's powers is all I need...And of course I need Someone's help to get her powers". he said standing up walking the globe to turn. "and I Hope you would not mess up my plan". 

"Pitch Black you will never get her powers!" I said. "Oh I will with the human's help of course, So Good bye Santa clause" he said disappearing with the black dusts. I looked down thinking if this could be a trouble for us. But how can he get her powers..

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