I have always believed in Jack Frost. Back when I lived in Michigan, I always felt as if he were there too! I was just upset i was never able to see him. Although I may have never seen him, I always saw the stuff he did! I have always believed in all of the guardians. They always kept me going. In fact, I have seen St. North from my window on Christmas Eve of 2013. That same year, I saw the "Easter Kangaroo" in my dining room. Those simple moments have always brought me to the conclusion that the Guardians have always been wathing me. Before Rise of the Guardians, I didn't know what they were called, I just knew them as their general names (Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc). After the movie, I realized that those figures have been watching my entire life! I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced the Guardians before? Comment if you have experienced them before! Bye!!!

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