Elsa is the Guardian of Love . She reigns Over Valentine's day as a result . Using Her icy Powers,

She Helps urge People to Know the meaning of love in order to thaw thier own hearts or others she believes 

that a person loves.  With her past life as a Queen with how important love is, Elsa carries herself with poise, dignity, and grace. However, her ability to control snow and ice has always brought about a playful side to her. 

 Her alias as cupid has stemmed a lot of traditions of Valetine’s Day. Her love forchocolate is why it is something passed out on the holiday and her control over the ice element has led to the date being towards the winter.

This is the story of how Elsa became a guardian.

 The Kingdom of Arendelle was prosperous under the reign of their new queen, Queen Elsa. Her powers, now under control, helped her protect her kingdom and were fully accepted by the citizens of Arendelle.

However, the neighboring kingdoms were not so blessed as war began to rage around them. If it was not for Queen Elsa, Arendelle would have fallen like the cities around them.

What sparked this war was the return of the Southern Island’s prince, Prince Hans, back to his own homeland. His brothers, upon hearing what he did in order to be a king, learned that they too had no chance of ownership to a kingdom with how many brothers among them. They all set out to conquer other kingdoms and their youngest brother set out for revenge. On the night before Elsa’s 22nd birthday, Anna had left with Kristoff to gather what was needed from the trolls in order to surprise Elsa for her birthday. On the way, she dropped her shawl and Prince Hans, who was around took it and included it in his plan of revenge against the snow queen. He sent it to Elsa as proof that he had kidnapped Anna and she would only be freed if she followed his instructions.

Because she loved her sister so, Elsa agreed to meet up with Hans, but not before encasing the entire kingdom in a glacial shell to protect it should something happen to her. She was instructed to walk out and freeze the lake she once used as a pathway to run away from the kingdom. No one could be seen, but in the distance hidden among the trees was Hans.

Once a swordsman, he now wielElsa Gded a bow and arrow and so his bow fired and the arrow pierced Elsa. She was able to turn around and see Hans approach her. She raised her hand to strike him down with her ice power, but stopped herself. With the arrow where it was, she knew better. She would not have her last act be one out of hatred, but rather out of love. Using her last breath, she commanded her powers to protect the kingdom she loved until the person who she loved most took the rightful throne.

Neither Hans nor his brothers could penetrate the icy wall. Their roadblock led to their end of the war. Anna, after much grief, took the throne and the love the two sisters shared allowed the wall of ice surrounding Arendelle to melt. Anna became queen and in years to come, Elsa would emerge, woken up by the man in the moon, to become the guardian of love. 

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