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    WELL HI THERE! Wow that sounded really loud and obnoxious. Alright, so well, I'm Nico, I'm obsesed with this movie....oh who am i kidding everyone here probably is....ok yeah if you haven't noticed I'm kinda nervous here. Sure it's not the FIRST wiki I've ever joined but still....

    AND I know nobody will read this but Imma give it a shot anyways.

    Alright so well I wanted to ask a little question to those few fans who actually believe in shipping when it comes to this movie (probably no one does anyways)

    And well I'm kinda torn between two couples.

    Tooth Fairy X Jack Frost

    Let's face it this couple probably does have more possibilities of happening than any other couple. They're kinda cute together....and the fans sure help a lot to make it cuter…

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