Nikki Van Davis

aka Kitty

  • I live in Earth (SEGA universe dimension)
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is A Gamer
  • I am Female
  • Nikki Van Davis

    where to next?

    last week Jack and Viki went to brazil and saw the Jesus my redemer statue.Now Viki felt more adventurus this time she wnated to go some diffrent but not so high.

    "Ah HA! i know i want to go to London!'she exclaimed

    "Nice Choice ive been their do you want to see the clock Big ben?" he asked

    "Why not!"

    jack smiled okay lets go now. So they flew of to london

    "HEY! i remember thoes houses from the Old Disney movie Peter Pan!" she told him feeling like a 7 year old aging.

    "There it Is!" he pointed 

    they bolth flew down with Viki acting like a little kid exclaiming how she rememberd the ladmakrs from movies she saw as a human believer now a Gaurdain She could see it in birds eye view for her self.on the way down she keept reapting a few …

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  • Nikki Van Davis
    • Ever been to brazil before? not me.. yet *

    The guardians went back to there normal schedule no worries. Bunny was making more eggs. North made lots more toys! tooth let her fairies go back to collecting teeth sandy sent dreams as always.jack and Miss Snow spread winter all around the world.

    "Where do you want to go?" jack asked Viki

    "Humm when i was a normal human i wanted to go see that huge staute of jesus In Brazil"She answered. jacks face suddenly light up. 

    "why not!" he said. 

    they finished their work of spreading winter then took of for South America.Finally they made it in Brazil 

    " Now wheres that statue ?" she thought out loud

    "Over there you can see it from any where its so amazingly tall."he said

    They flew over to where the statue loom…

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    do you believe? "Of to Burgess! ,and to get Jamie!" North Boomed "Every one to the Sleigh!" he said

    Sandy held up all of his fingers "I guess so!" tooth replied. "Tooth? how many Shopping days are there left until Christmas?" Viki asked "21!" North answered. "You Keep track don't you!" Tooth shrugged her shoulders.

    Eventually they flew into Burgess it was Night aging .

    "theres Jamies house!"Jack exclaimed he flew up to the window with Viki "Jack! and Viki!" jamie was very happy

    . "hey kiddo! you are the only kid that believes in Miss Snow she needs more believers will you help us?" jack asked


    "What do you say kiddo are you in?" Jamie smiled "Yes!"  "Alright kiddo go get your friends!"


    amie ran out and 10 mins later all of his friends were…

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    • nows the story gets more interisting*

    Then on Dec1 the gaurdains had a meeting. There was a new problem now. a few days ago Viki and Jack found out Viki was not believed in. "Hello Bunny! its December!" North "Knock it off you show pony! Bunny exclaimemed."Umm excuse me?" Tooth butted in "But were here to fix a problem!" Sandy made a thumbs up! then jack took the lead. "We need a plan to get people believeing in Miss Snow but thankfully well have a jumpstart cause Jamie believes in her." he said "Yes the last light." North repiled.

    "Now we think!!" north told everybody. Bunny scratched his head, Tooth rubed her chin, Sandy made a sand immage of a loading bar,North just stod in the middle of the room srtoking his beard. Jack sat on a counter …

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    "So when do we start?" tooth asked "Today mate its not were going to wait until tomrow." bunny replied to thooths question. "Everyone to the sleigh! except bunny!" North explained with a magical smile. Bunny smiled "where to?" he asked. North stoped in his tracks" I didnt think of that!" Viki smiled big and rolled her eyes "Oh North!"

    "IDEA!!" he explained scaring everybody with his swords. "AHH!" Jack Ducked So did Viki. "Sorry Jack. I Pick Burgess! anyway Jack did help us when pitch tryed to get the children in unbelievelf. At this Jack made a satisifed smile. Viki smiled back.Everyone except bunny with much delight. bunny made his rabbit hole and a sheigh flew of in the sky.

    North took out his snow globe. "i say he said shaking it "Burges…

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