Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (Chapter 3)inspired by:  ELIZABETH

  • nows the story gets more interisting*

Then on Dec1 the gaurdains had a meeting. There was a new problem now. a few days ago Viki and Jack found out Viki was not believed in. "Hello Bunny! its December!" North "Knock it off you show pony! Bunny exclaimemed."Umm excuse me?" Tooth butted in "But were here to fix a problem!" Sandy made a thumbs up! then jack took the lead. "We need a plan to get people believeing in Miss Snow but thankfully well have a jumpstart cause Jamie believes in her." he said "Yes the last light." North repiled.

"Now we think!!" north told everybody. Bunny scratched his head, Tooth rubed her chin, Sandy made a sand immage of a loading bar,North just stod in the middle of the room srtoking his beard. Jack sat on a counter looking up in thought Viki sat next to him with her head resting on her hands.Everyone was thinking for at least 5 mins. then Sandy made light bulb! he had a idea!

"What!" Viki and the other Guardains asked. sandy showed images. "Oh i know what hes tring to say!" Viki exclaimed. "Okay here it is tell me if i got this wrong sandy okay?" he smiled "We can go see jamie and he can gather his friends.then have jamie tell them that im really real.and from there we can get more and tell his friends friends to spread the word!" she paused "And do the same for jack we bolth need more believers."

Jack smiled "thanks! but when do we start? and are you shure this is going to work?" "Well? umm i think so!?" Viki replied.

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