Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (~Chapter 5~) inspired by:  ELIZABETH

  • Ever been to brazil before? not me.. yet *

The guardians went back to there normal schedule no worries. Bunny was making more eggs. North made lots more toys! tooth let her fairies go back to collecting teeth sandy sent dreams as always.jack and Miss Snow spread winter all around the world.

"Where do you want to go?" jack asked Viki

"Humm when i was a normal human i wanted to go see that huge staute of jesus In Brazil"She answered. jacks face suddenly light up. 

"why not!" he said. 

they finished their work of spreading winter then took of for South America.Finally they made it in Brazil 

" Now wheres that statue ?" she thought out loud

"Over there you can see it from any where its so amazingly tall."he said

They flew over to where the statue loomed over the city. When Viki got closer she was afraid it would fall down. the size of it was over powering. but at the same time she felt safe.Viki didn't know why maybe because jack was with her or cause she knew that the Real Jesus was watching over her. she stared at it as if she were in a trance.

"Are you okay?" Jack asked.

"Ya...its ...its...."


"Yes! thats the word!" Viki said snaping out of her trance " i was captivated i couldnt think of the word.."

"Do you want to fly to the top of it?" he asked. Viki eyes widened and sank down in the air a few inches(she flaoting in the air)

"Uhhhhhh is it safe?"

"well to tell the truth ive never been to the top of it either.but together i gess we can but i will say this it is possible to fall from the sky so we should be careful to not look down." He said Looking up to the top of the statue.

"Im in"

they started up ward flying up the front like a highway. the air got thinner and the town below got smaller and smaller. Viki started to wonder how many feet they were in the air now "mabey a thousand" she cringed at the thought she never flew this high and was still going higher....... 

"phew we made it this far and im still alive" She said trying to catching her breath while sitting on the arm of that statue.

"WOW were high just look at the town! down there!" jack eclaimed

"I dont want to look down" Viki whined covering her face with her hands then she opened them a bit by bit "i will not say it I will not say it i will not say it!" she thought under her breath.

"Say What?" Jack asked hearing her.

"darn! he heard me!" she thought

"Say What?" he asked aging

"Okay.." Viki paused "im...  Im ...- "Whats another word for scared" she thought fast "Im....Petrified.."

"I see" Jack said 

"You Do?" she exclaimed.

"Yes were going to see who can make it to the Very top First." (another way of saying  were going to have fun instead)  :) Viki looked up there not much left just the head of the statue 

"okay you got Got me you knew what i was going to say! im in!"

This was going to be a hard one ,but not a long flight."Ready! Set! GO! jack said the starter. in at least 6 seconds they were up on the very top. IT was a tie! they skaked hands and sat on the top of the statue.

"Humm this statue is missing something...." Viki said to jack

"I know what!" 

Together they flew of and aroung the statue Covering it witha thin layer of frost.And flew of to the States,(USA) Finnaly back they talked on how much FUN they had and maby thought about doing it aging."Where are we going next?" Viki ponderd.

to be CONTINUED.............By" Niki  

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