Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (~Chapter 6~) inspired by: ELIZABETH

where to next?

last week Jack and Viki went to brazil and saw the Jesus my redemer statue.Now Viki felt more adventurus this time she wnated to go some diffrent but not so high.

"Ah HA! i know i want to go to London!'she exclaimed

"Nice Choice ive been their do you want to see the clock Big ben?" he asked

"Why not!"

jack smiled okay lets go now. So they flew of to london

"HEY! i remember thoes houses from the Old Disney movie Peter Pan!" she told him feeling like a 7 year old aging.

"There it Is!" he pointed 

they bolth flew down with Viki acting like a little kid exclaiming how she rememberd the ladmakrs from movies she saw as a human believer now a Gaurdain She could see it in birds eye view for her self.on the way down she keept reapting a few lines from a song in the Old Movie peter Pan.

"Think of the happiest things,

It's the same as having wings,'Take a path and through the gate,'If the moon is still awake,'You'll see him wink his eye (ohh...)''You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!!!"

Jack eventually chimed in with Vicki and they landed on the tallest Clock ever.....

"Wow this is So RETRO! OLD AND COOL!!!"

" I know its a beautiful clock." jack answered

"OH MY GWASH i just remembered! i always wanted to stand on the hands of this clock remember?"

"why Not?"

so they flew of the top and landed on the hands of the Clock and pushed it down so they could stand on it .

"WOAH!" Vicki almost fell of. but jack caught her in time.

"watch out! you fine now"

"maybe we should go back now... " she said still trembling from the almost fall" but that was fun Lets Do it Aging!"

"You are a character Vicki you are." he said back smiling 

they flew off and back to the states they had so much fun!

"hummm /thought Vik/ How about the Space Needle next?"

To be continued..................

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