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  • I live in Stockton, CA.
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Witch
  • I am Male
  • Pof203

    A lot of Dream Works films becacme animated shows, why not Rise of the Guardians? Here's what I think they would have the cast since not all the films cast:

    Josh Keaton as Jack Frost.
    Alec Baldwin as North
    Michaela Dietz as Tooth
    Steve Blum as Bunny
    Troy Baker as Pitch
    Kari Wahlgren as Katherine
    J.K. Simmons as Ombric
    Olivia Mattingly as Jack's sister
    Grey Griffin as Vanish
    Cree Summer as Mother Nature
    Brian Beacock as Jamie Bennet (now 14)

    There's a lot more, but there are too many to name. Now for some episodes.

    1. Pitch's Return

    It has been almost 4 years since Pitch was defeated. However, a nasty lot new to Burgess has steered his return. Can the Guardians stop him when the only child in town who still believes in them is Jamie who has just started …

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