A lot of Dream Works films becacme animated shows, why not Rise of the Guardians? Here's what I think they would have the cast since not all the films cast:

Josh Keaton as Jack Frost.
Alec Baldwin as North
Michaela Dietz as Tooth
Steve Blum as Bunny
Troy Baker as Pitch
Kari Wahlgren as Katherine
J.K. Simmons as Ombric
Olivia Mattingly as Jack's sister
Grey Griffin as Vanish
Cree Summer as Mother Nature
Brian Beacock as Jamie Bennet (now 14)

There's a lot more, but there are too many to name. Now for some episodes.

1. Pitch's Return

It has been almost 4 years since Pitch was defeated. However, a nasty lot new to Burgess has steered his return. Can the Guardians stop him when the only child in town who still believes in them is Jamie who has just started high school? In a B story, Jamie is trying to decide his feelings for Pippa just as Jack is trying to decide his feelings for Tooth.

2. The Ghost of Burgess Lake

Rumors of silvery figure near the lake causes Jack to believe that it might be his long lost sister. Now he and Jamie are trying to find out who it really is. In a B story, the twins Claude and Caleb are being chased by a strange dog and only the remaining Guardians can save them.

3. There's No 'I' In Dream Team

After getting seriously injured by Pitch, the Man in the Moon gives Sandy some time off and has Jack and Bunny fill in for him. But will their competitive nature get in the way of a good dream and allow Pitch to ruin dreams forever? In a B story, Sandy is trying to relax with his time off, but North and Tooth trying to take care of him keeps driving him nuts.

4. Earth Ache

Pitch tricks his daughter, Mother Nature, into causing an earthquake in the Tooth Palace. Can Jack and Tooth keep things under control before Mother Nature brings the place down? In a B story, the elves finally realize the it was the yetis who were making the toys. So the elves go on strike.

5. Monkey King Around

The Monkey King, Tooth's nemesis, takes all of the mini fairies and keeping them from their job. Jack goes to the Monkey Kingdom to save them. Could be difficult in a place that's almost 90 degrees. In a B story, Tooth asks the kids of Burgess to collect the teeth from the children of the world. It has hilarious results.

6. Big Hare on Campus

Bunny's life as the Easter Bunny is getting to him. He wishes what it would be like if wasn't the Easter Bunny. When he wakes he finds that he's human! In a B story, with Bunny as a human, the Guardians try their best to fill in for him.

7. Goose Day

While Ombric is overseeing things in Burgess, Pitch manages to abduct him. Now Jack, Katherine, and Nightlight must enter Pitch's lair to save him. In a B story, Jamie finally decides to confess his love for Pippa, but messes up. However, with Ombric gone, Jamie repeats the same day over and over and takes it as an opportunity to try and confess to Pippa.

8. The Guardians of Life

Crossover with the Book of Life. Tooth is visited by her old friend, La Muete, who tells her that Pitch has tricked her husband to help him spread nightmares and fear in San Angel. They must team up with the ghost of Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin to stop Pitch. In a B story, Jamie and his class are on a field trip in San Angel.

9. A Mile in each Other's Rabbit's Foot

Fed up with this tension between Jack and Bunny, the Man in the Moon decides to make the two trade jobs for a week. Bunny would bring ice and snow while Jack is in the Warren painting eggs. In a B story, Monty wishes he could be brave like his friends so he could stand up to a bully at school. So Sandy decides to give Monty a dream about what life would be like he wasn't himself.

10. And Here's The Pitch

Baseball season is here in Burgess and it's driving Pitch nuts. So he sends a mass nightmare to make the school baseball team too tired to play in the big game. Can the Guardians set things right or will they strike out. In a B story, Mrs. Bennet has started dating and it's causing much distress for Jamie and Sophie. But will they change their minds when they see what kind of man their mom is dating?

11. The Fifth Relic

After searching for a long time, the Man in the Moon finally finds the fifth and final relic that will defeat Pitch once and for all. Now the Guardians and Pitch are in a race against time to find the final relic. In a B story, Mother Nature is slowly beginning to wane do to people no longer believing in her and destroying the world she looks after.

12. A New Age Part 1

The Guardians think they have finally defeated Pitch for good. But now they must fight the one who created the darkness that corrupted Pitch in the first place, Hypnos. But can they stop someone who is even more powerful than Pitch? In a B story, after dating for six months, Mrs. Bennett and her boyfriend decide to get married. Jamie and Sophie are happy at first until they learn that after they get married, they will leave Burgess and move to New York.

13. A New Age Part 2

The conclusion. The Guardians look like they will most likely lose to Hypnos until they get help from an unexpected ally. In the conclusion of the B story, Jamie is still not sure about moving to New York and leaving his friends and Jack.

Well, that's pretty much what I've got in mind. Be sure to tell me what you think the comments.

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