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  • My occupation is Something
  • I am a female... duh
  • SilverSymphony007

    (This is a summonary of a story (: ) 

    Mystery Miley is a girl who solves the hardest to crack of mystery cases. She finds clues nobody thought of. She is stealthy and a fine sneak'a'bout when needed. When something goes missing, say, jewls, she cracks the case like cracking a walnut! When her fellow case solvers need a person to distract the enemy, Miley is on the job. She makes distractions that even the distractor couldn't have thought of! She makes a fake ghsot or monster figure that frightens the enemy, she makes a noise to get them to move towards her, and she will even put sleeping powder on them (but she tries not to sinse the offect goes on her aswell). She will solve your scurrying case. But thats not all! She does not have many we…

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  • SilverSymphony007

    Silver Sayings

    April 12, 2013 by SilverSymphony007

    Helloooo.... Just made this thing.. its neat... so... yeah. hehe.


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