aka The Silv

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is A Somebody.
  • I am Female. A course.
  • SilveraSoul

    Silvera lay in her bed, left wondering what she could do after turning the season to Spring. It left her tired, and full of words that might as well be colorful. At that time, she looks around. Aero, her faithful companion boa constrictor, lay near her. Flicking his tongue, he pressed his head on her cheek. "Oh dear, Aero, oh my dear. I hear you, I do.", Silvera says through rhyme. She then sees Aiki, her bald eagle she had raised since a small chick. It settles down right near her head, while the eagles feathers lay againist Silvera's head. Taking in a few small breaths of fresh air, she sat upward and looked about. What could happen, now? Hearing Aero hissing, she saw the small swan yet again try to fly. "Please stop, dear.. Your wing ha…

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  • SilveraSoul

    Well... Yeah.

    March 19, 2013 by SilveraSoul

    It was late in the evening, and Silvera wanted to do something to.. Decrease her boredness. Well.. What's on the menu for doing so? She already ran her errands.. So at that time, she ended up just whistling and hanging on a oak tree. She swung her staff around, which gave her a airy feeling. Seeing a couple trucks pass by, she then saw.. A horrid sight. A young deer needed help getting to its herd, and it needed to cross the horrid, full road. The teenage lupus flew down, grabbed the young deer, and put it down near it's mom. Instively, the bull looked at her. No problem seeing Silvera. She went a couple feet away, the young calf had survived the soft landing. At that time the deer herd walked away, to go graze. She had bigger things to do…

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