"Rise of the Guardians" was originally supposed to have been the first installment in a trilogy of films built around Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost.

But this DWA production (which cost an estimated $145 million to produce) stumbled so badly at the box office that this animation studio was forced to take a $87 million write-down on the film . Not only that, but in a tightening-its-belt gesture that came right on the heels for "Guardians" not being able to launch DWA's next big franchise.

A few reasons people have said that harm the movie from succeeding were:

  1. The Title - Some will tell you that it was "Rise of the Guardians" 's rather generic title. Which didn't exactly fire the imagination of would-be moviegoers.
  2. "Guardians" 's take on Santa Claus. Which -- according to the mythology that William Joyce had cooked up for this character -- was originally supposed to have been a Russian Cossack. Which is why -- in this DreamWorks Animation film -- dear old Santa wielded swords and had "Naughty" tattooed on one arm & "Nice" tattooed on the other.
  3. "Wreck-It Ralph" now looked like it was going to have strong word-of-mouth and could potentially still be a box office contender over the long Thanksgiving Weekend (which was when "Rise of the Guardians" was going to be released to theaters) .
  4. Commercial- DWS ditched the television promotional campaign that they had originally mapped out for "Guardians" (which allegedly stressed the magic & the wonder of this new animated feature. Not to mention its terrific cast of characters) and opted instead to go with an expensive new set of TV commercials. Ones that would then play up the humor of this motion picture by focusing almost exclusively on Santa's dim-witted elves.

Results:"Hey, those elves look & behave just like the minions in ' Despicable Me .' I've already seen that movie. So why should I pay to see something that I've already seen? I think I'll pass on seeing 'Rise of the Guardians.' "

Do you agreed with this? Are you disappointed? What do you think?

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