Valentin girl

aka Valentina/Val

  • I live in Slovenia
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is Guardian of Love
  • I am Female
  • Valentin girl

    The new guardians

    January 28, 2014 by Valentin girl

    In North Pole, North called the guardians for a meeting. >>Why did you called us in this hour?>I am sorry my friends, but..... Manny said something about a guardian>What? A guardian?>Whait....did the Man in the Moon said, a new guardian or just a guadian- someone from us?>Yes, a guardian and just a guardian. I don't know if he ment a new guardian or a guardian>He choosed a new one>It's..... it's....Because you are not ready yet>Not ready?! Then when will I be ready?!Some day you will be ready and you will feel itBut-but.... I feel that. I am ready now!No. You are still not ready for this. Now can you please leave me alone? Because I have many things to do>I will show my brother that I am ready! I will become a guardian! Yeah, he doesn't li…

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  • Valentin girl

    The carnival

    January 6, 2014 by Valentin girl

    It was night, a very dark night. The clouds were going closer to each other and it was showing, that it could rain. There, near the road, was a carnival, but it was abandoned. On the road, drove a yellow bus and it went right, where was a bus station. From the bus, camed a girl, she was tall, skiny, wearing light cloths - red jacket, black trausers and white shoes. Her hair was dark brown as her eyes were, the face was beautiful, like an angel fell from the sky. So the girl went off and the bus went forward, leaving the girl all alown. She went towards the doors of the carnival. They were huge with iron rods, like from a prison and she could see from the openings so many things. There was a cyrcus, rolercosters,old stalls where were sweets…

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  • Valentin girl

    Chrismas is coming!

    December 24, 2013 by Valentin girl

    Season 1; Episode 3 


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  • Valentin girl

    The army of Pitch

    December 17, 2013 by Valentin girl

    Season 1; Episode 2


    All of the guardians were sleeping in their oun comfy warm beds, covered with blankets, their heads were leaning at their soft pillows, except Jack. He was in North's kitchen, sitting on a wooden chair and drinking cocoa, when suddenly, Valentina went in the kitchen. >>Good morningGood morning>You woked up early. Couldn't sleep?>No. I always wake up earlier than others>Hey, do you want a hot cocoa?>Yes, I would love to. Where is it?It is right next to the coffe machine. I poured it in a cupA, have it>Hahaha! That was soo priceless!>You are going to get it>Stopp!>What are you two doing?>Jack gived me a cold cocoa!So?>He said it was a hot cocoa!What. Wasn't that delicious?I will give you delicious>Ok, ok! S…

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  • Valentin girl

    Season 1; Episode 1 


    It was a lovely sunny day, the kids were out side playing in the snow, that Jack Frost created. When the sun was almost going down, Jack flew in the air and went to the North Pole. He had to go there, because North with his friends, invited him to come over, because they have something special for him. When he was flying, he was wondering, what speciality could it be. When he arrived at the Pole and went inside the big house where was the big globe, he saw North with the others standing infront of it. >>What speciality are you planing for me North?>What's wrong? Did the cat eated your toungs or what?>Girls!Girls!>Ladies.... what did we talked earlier?No runing or screaming frew the hallAnd?Do not …

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