Season 1; Episode 1 


It was a lovely sunny day, the kids were out side playing in the snow, that Jack Frost created. When the sun was almost going down, Jack flew in the air and went to the North Pole. He had to go there, because North with his friends, invited him to come over, because they have something special for him. When he was flying, he was wondering, what speciality could it be. When he arrived at the Pole and went inside the big house where was the big globe, he saw North with the others standing infront of it. >>What speciality are you planing for me North?<< asked Jack, but North and the others were quiet. >>What's wrong? Did the cat eated your toungs or what?<< but they were still quiet, till Santa couldn't hold the secret. >>It's a suprise party!They are coming!<<. >>Can't you keep a secret for 1 minute?!<< said Bunny when he was looking mad at North. >>Who are they?<< asked Jack. >>They...<< said Bunny when he was pointing with his finger on the right side where were some wooden doors. Then in a second frew the doors camed many and many girls, runing towards Jack and screaming as a fans way. >>Aaaa! It is Jack Frost!!<< said a girl in the group. >>Could you sign me an autograph?!<< said a nother girl, that was near him, holding a note and a pen. >>Sure....<< said Jack and grabbed the note and the pencil and wrote his name in it. Then he gaved it back to the girl. >>Here you go<< and she reached it and looked inside of it. >>Aaaa! I've got Jack Frost's autograph!!<< and then she fainted. Jack wanted to help her, but because of the screaming from the girls, he didn't thinked right. >>Girls!Girls!<< said someone loud, that was behind all of the girls.Then they stopped screaming and the person was coming towards Jack. The girls were going aside and then when the person camed to him, he saw that it was a girl. She was wearing a pair of black shoes with pink tapes aside,  black leggings, a black leather jacket and under it a pink fluffy medium sized dress, with pinky lips, brown eyes and black hair tied in a pony tail. And this girl turned around to the other girls and said: >>Ladies.... what did we talked earlier?<<. The girls were looking down, when they said: >>No runing or screaming frew the hall<<. >>And?<<. >>Do not scream at Jack Frost<<. >>That's right. Now you all have to apologize to him<<. The girls raised their heads up and turned to Jack, saying: >>We're sorry Jack!<<. He looked at them with happiness. >>That is right<< said the girl and turned around to Jack, puts up her right hand and Jack did the same, then both shaked. >>Hello Jack, I'm Valentina<<. >>Hy..... How do you know my name?<< asked Jack. >>My uncle told me everything about you<< and she let's go of his hand. >>Your uncle?<< Jack asked, when behind him stood Bunny. >>Hy Valentina<< said Bunny. >>Hy uncle<< and Valentina gived him a big hug. >>T-t-t-t-h-h-h-i-isssss is your uncle?<<. >>Yes, my uncle is Bunnymund<<. >>Why didn't you told me?!<< asked Jack, Bunny while he was looking at him. >>I might forgot to tell you<<. >>Forgot?!<< then he looked at Valentina. >>And how is he your uncle, your like not the same!<<. >>It is a long story<< said Bunny. >>Whait, then you didn't told him the other secret?<< asked Valentina, Bunny when she was looking at him.  >>Told me what?<<. >>I'm a guardian, just like you, but my center is love<<. >>What?!<< and looked at Bunny. >>How did that happened?!<<. >>It's a long story!<< said North, when he was standing next to Tooth and Sandy. >>Can you stop it with these LONG STORIES? We will discuss this right here and right now!<<. >>I'm sorry but I can't. I have to put these guardians in their room<< said Valentina. >>Wait.... what?! How did...... No! I won't say, because I know that it will be long stories! Uhhh...<<. >>Are you all right Jack?<< asked Valentina. >>I...I have to go out<< said Jack and went back where he camed in the begining. >>Don't you worry, he just needs to be alone for a while<< said Bunny to his niece, when she was looking straight where Jack went. In the Pole the sun went down and up camed the night. The girls and boys that were the new guardians, were sleeping in their beds, except Valentina that was checking the rooms, if they are sleeping. When she was cheking the rooms, she was wondering about Jack. But Jack was still outside on the roof, staring at the stars and the moon. >>Lovely, isn't it?<< asked Valentina, where she was on the right side and coming to him. >>Why didn't they told me?<<. >>I don't know, maby they were scared<<. >>Scared of what?<<. >>I don't know, I was just asking<<. >>Maby...... Could you leave me here for a few minutes more?<<. >>Sure<< and Valentina went back inside. She was then walking towards the hall, when suddenly she heared some noise in the room where Santa's sleigh's were. The wooden doors that lead to the room, were a bit opened, so Valentina looked inside of it, there was nothing, so she went inside and to the right side, where she slightly saw the sleight's. Then there was a nother noise coming from the bottom of the large room and she walked to it fast. When she camed in the end, there was a small toy down on the ground, it was a ape holding a tamburin and the toy was mechatronic, so the ape was clapping it's hands, that the tamburin's heared a bit. But then someone covered her with a black sack. Jack was still out side, but he was standing on the roof just for a while, then he turned around to go inside. When he was going up the roof, he had a six sense, so he looked on the right side and stopped. He saw a black ship sailing frew the little snowy hills. >>Why are they here?<< and flyed to the ship. Inside the ship, in a dark room, where was a throne chair and someone was sitting on it. Coming to the throne, camed 4 dream pirates. The first one bowed to the person in the chair. >>Do you got what I wanted?<< said the person. The dream pirate, stood up and turned his right hand towards the other pirates. They camed to the first pirate and drop down a full black bag. The person raised his hand towards the bag, that it disappear and on the floar was lying Valentina. >>Where am I?<< and started to look around, when she saw the person in the dark, sitting on the throne. >>Aa. You!<< said Valentina, when the person stood up and went towards the night light, that was coming frew the windows. It was Pitch Black. >>Hello Valentina<<. Valentina got up and created a long pink stick in her right hand, then puts it infront of her and grabbed the other side with her left hand, that she did a block. >>Why am I here Pitch? What do you want from me?<<. >>I don't want anything from you. I just wana talk, that's all<<. >>Well I'm not listening<< and quickly turned around and started punching the pirates with her stick. She destroyed the first pirate and then the second one. But Pitch raised up his left hand towards Valentina, then from the black ground camed four black large vines and went for her. Valentina quickly turned to Pitch and punched one of the vines, that disappeared. She was holding her stick on the middle in her right hand. The second vine was on her left side, so she turned to it and bam, it vanished. The third on the right, she spined her stick in her hand and turned to the third and punched it. The fourth was bellow her, but Valentina quickly punched it. Pitch raised his right hand and from it, camed black sharp small diamonds. Valentina puts her stick infront of her again and from the both edges was created a shield, that could protect her from the diamonds. They were destroyed, when they hit the shield, but Pitch didn't stopped, he knew that in time the shield will be weaker. And yes, from many and many of the coming diamonds, the shield had a crack and in time, it got bigger. Pitch had his chance and raised his left hand again and from the ground camed a nother vine, that went towards Valentina's shield. The vine broked the shield and grabbed Valentina around her arms. The stick vanished and the vine was going back to his master with the girl. When she camed to Pitch, he looked at her, smiling. >>Now let's have that chat, shall we?<< and turned around and walked forward. The vine was going behind him, sliding from the black floar. Outside near the black window was floating Jack, he heared everything they said. >>I have to rescue Valentina<< and flew up towards the ships deck, where he looked up, with his face, if there are some pirates guarding. And yes, there were seven of them and Jack couldn't take them all. >>How am I going to go past them?<< he was asking himself. Then he to the left, where he saw some black doors and nobody was guarding it. >>Hmmm...<< said quietly and flew up towards the black sheet. So far so good, nobody saw him. Then he flew down and looked from a edge of the sheet, if nobody suspected him. Everybody was doing their jobs and no one was looking up towards him. So then, he slowly went down on the deck near the doors, but suddenly someone opened them and Jack went one step back. From the doors camed a pirate and just went straight. The doors were self closing, when Jack grabbed them and quickly went inside and closed them. >>Phew.... That was close<< and went straight towards the black hall. Pitch with his black vine, that was holding Valentina, were going to a big dark room, then suddenly Pitch stopped. >>Now sitt down<< said the nightmare king and the vine, changed into a chair, that she satt on it and from the chair were coming out some litlle ropes and tied Valentina's hands and feet. >>Comfy?<< asked her. >>Yes, very much<< said the girl, that was mad at him. >>Good. Now the chat....<< he said. >>Hmmm... where to start? Oh, I know. I know about the new guardians<<. >>Well, the infromations are going faster than I exspected<< said Valentina. >>But that is not the cause, I have you here. You have something, that I want to have<<. >>What ever is that thing, I am not going to give it to you<<. Jack was still going straight, until he heared a voice. It was from Pitch. >>Where is the voice coming from?<< asked himself quietly. He started touching the black walls on the right side and was going left, to the end, until he saw a wall moving and he pushed it forward, where was a bit opened. >>It is a door<< and looked to the bit opened door, with one eye, where he saw Pitch leaning on the both chair handels, where Valentina was sitting. >>I'm coming for you Valentina<< said very quietly and started listening to Pitc's words. >>You.. will...<< said Pitch. >>Never<< said Valentina to him. >>Why you little...!<< loudly said to her and grabbed her neck with his right hand, until he heared something. First he looked back, then he released her neck and went straight. >>Hy<< said Jack quietly, when he was hiding behind her. >>Jack. How did you found me?<< asked him quietly. >>No time, I will tell you later, but now I am going to untie you<< then he puted his staff on the black rope, on the right side and freezed it, but then a vine camed out behind him and grabbed him around his arms and lift him up and threwed him to the left side, that he crashed in to the wall with his back. >>A,a,a,a...<< said Pitch when he was looking at Jack. His finger was moving left and right. >>You won't save her.....<< when he was talking to Jack, Valentina looked at the ropes, they were frozen. She had a chance to free herself and so she gathered her strenght in her, that the rope crushed and her hands and feet were free. >>What?<< asked Pitch when he heard something and turns his head towards Valentina, but when he had turned the head, Valentina quickly punched him at his face, that he felld down on the floar. >>That's for tying me<< the girl said to the king, when she turns around and went towards Jack. >>Are you all right?<< asked Valentina, when she knelt next to him. >>Yeah... I'm all right<< said Jack and was slowly standing up. But behind them Pitch was standing up too, with the help of his black spear. When he was standing, he was looking at them with an angry face. >>You are never going to leave this ship alive!<< and started runing towards them. Valentina quickly turned around, where she saw the evil man coming near, so then she looks up and sees a big round black hanging candle. In her hands the girl made a closed pink fan. Valentina opens it and threw it up diagonal. The pink fan was flying up and was turning the direction, it was going back, like a boomerang. But Pitch was coming closer and closer. But when the fan flewed backwords, it cutted the string, that was holding the hanging candle and it was coming down. When Pitch was just 2 feet away from Jack and Valentina, the round candle fell on him and Pitch was lying on the floar. >>Comfy?<< asked Valentina, when the dark man was on the ground. looking at them above. >>We have to go<< said Jack when he was behind the pink girl. But from the big black door, camed ten pirates, there was nowhere to go. Then Valentina turned her head around, where was a large window. >>Frew the window!<< said to Jack loudly. Jack turned himself and went to the window, as well Valentina, where she was behind him, ran towards it. Jack flew up towards it, that he broke it and was outside. Beside him camed Valentina, who jumped frew the window hole and created a pink, big round flying lens and went towards Jack. The pirates were watching at them from the window hole. The girl puted her hands up next to her belly and puts them together, like she is praying. But from the hands camed a pink light and she expended her hands slowly back, till in her hands was a small pink ball. >>Catch this<< and threw it towards the hole, where were the pirates looking. When the ball was going straight at them, they steped aside and the ball was in the ship, but it didn't done nothing, just went on the ground. Then one of the pirates camed closer to the ball and touched it, with his finger. The ball was glowing pink and the black pirates backed away. From outside, where the two guardians were, they were watching at the ship. >>Did you done something with it?<< asked Jack. >>You will see<< ancered his question. And before he would ask a nother question, there was a pink colour in the ship and then boom!, the ship exploded,but it wasn't a big explosion. The ship was gone and so did the black pirates with Pitch. >>Waw. That was something. I think Pitch had an exploding life<< said Jack, when Valentina smiled. >>Yes, he really had<< said in the end. >>Now let's go<< and both of them flewed back to North's house. But down on the ground was Pitch, that was lying on it and slowly opened his eyes and stood up, cleaned hisself from the dirt with his both hands, when he heared a voice behind him, but the person was hiding in the dark. >>You didn't taked the thing from her<< said the unknown person. But Pitch slowly turned himself to the dark and said:>>No,on the contrary. I have her thing. It was her strainght. And she is not powerfull enought to beat us, also the old guardians woun't win this fight. We will win this time. Hahahaha!<< said Pitch and started laughing. In North's home, all were awake and was down, where were Jack and Valentina. >>So...<< said Jack, >>I have to apologize to you all. I was a stupid minor and I want....<<. >>It's ok<< said Valentina, >>we were stupid to, that we didn't said to you and all of the other guardians are sorry for not telling you<< and Jack looked at his four team mates, that had sad faces and apologized to him. >>We are sorry Jack, for not telling you the whole truth<< said North, from all of the team. >>It is all right<< Jack said to them. >>Well, now you can meet the others, if you like<< Valentina said. >>Yes, I would really love to met everyone<<. >>Ok<< and Valentina camed to the first guardian and introduce to Jack and so on.

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