Season 1; Episode 2


All of the guardians were sleeping in their oun comfy warm beds, covered with blankets, their heads were leaning at their soft pillows, except Jack. He was in North's kitchen, sitting on a wooden chair and drinking cocoa, when suddenly, Valentina went in the kitchen. >>Good morning<<. >>Good morning<< said to eatch other. >>You woked up early. Couldn't sleep?<< asked Valentina. >>No. I always wake up earlier than others<< ancered Jack. Then Valentina went towards Jack, where was behind him a wooden long table with a coffe machine, an shelf and other stuffs. >>Hey, do you want a hot cocoa?<< asked Jack. The girl turned back, looking at him, when she said: >>Yes, I would love to. Where is it?<<. >>It is right next to the coffe machine. I poured it in a cup<<. Valentina turns back at the table and looked at the machine. >>A, have it<< and she grabbed it at it's little handle. >>Thanks<< and raised it up, leaned to her opened mouth and drank some of the fluid. But she stopped drinking it and spatt out the cocoa. >>This cocoa is cold!<< said Valentina, when she heared Jack's laugh. >>Hahaha! That was soo priceless!<< said smiling. The girl slowly turned around again and was looking at Jack equally mad and serious. >>You are going to get it<< and Jack quickly stood up from the chair and ran out from the kitchen. And Valentina ran behind him, trying to catch him. They both ran towards a wide hall (and straight in the hall on the left side), were some big stepps , that were going up. Coming down from the stepps, was coming North, still in his red and black pajama. Jack went frew the stepps, when North camed down on the last stepp and looked at Jack (on the left side) with his wide opened eyes, when he was still runing straight. Then North turned his head to the right and saw Valentina, runing towards him. >>Stopp!<< said loud to Valentina and she wides her eyes and she was stopping with her feet. >>What are you two doing?<< asked the girl, when Jack went back towards North and was behind him. >>Jack gived me a cold cocoa!<<. >>So?<< asked wonderingly. >>He said it was a hot cocoa!<<. >>What. Wasn't that delicious?<<. >>I will give you delicious<< said angry Valentina. >>Ok, ok! Settle down<< said North, when a emergency sound went on. >>What is that?<< asked the girl, when she was looking up, listening to the sound. >>It is the emergency alarm. Someone is calling us. We have to go to the globe of belief!<< said North, when Jack went straight towards Valentina and both went to the room, where was the globe. North camed to the room last and dressed in his red and black clothes. He saw, that everyone was there, so he went forward to the globe. >>Show me the call!<< said North, when above the globe went down, a big white canvas. Then it showed a person, that was on the canvas, it was Pitch. >>Pitch!<< loudly said North. >>Why hello everyone. Missed me?<< asked them all. Valentina was looking at him with a shocked face, because she faught, she destroyed him in the last fight. >>And what about you Valentina, glad to see me, that I'm not vanished yet?<< asked her. >>What do you want?!<< asked Bunny. >>O, nothing. I just wanted to say, that this time... you will fall guardians<<. >>Fall? Fall?! You have to be joking mate! You were always the one who fall back in the darkness<< said Bunny. >>True. But today, you will all see. Meet me in the dessert of rocks and lets see who will one this time<< said the boogie man and turned off the camera, that was replaying. >>O, we will be there all right!<< said Bunny and turned to the others. >>Lets go to the deesert of rocks!<<. >>Bunny whait. What if this is a trap and he wants us to come?<< asked Santa, looking at him. >>North, look at us! We are bigger than Pitch and his nightmares and we could easily take them down<< said Bunny back at him. North was a bit skeptical, but then he said:>>Ok<<. >>Now lets go!<< said Bunny and went forward, when the others joined him. Some were waiting near the sleight, some went with Bunnys hole, that he created and some even flew. But everyone was in time on the deesert. There were rocks and they were big rocks, sharp ones too. >>Pitch, we are here! Show yourself!<< said Bunny out loud, when Pitch walked straight on the big rock, looking at them bellow. >>I see that you all camed. And no one was afraid to stepp aside<< said Pitch with a smile on his face. >>Ha ha. You didn't exspect us to come? Well, we are all here and we are going to beat you up. And what about you, left your army at home?<< said Bunny. >>You will all suffer from my army<<. >>What army?! I don't see an army!<<. >>This army!<< said the boogie man and rised his hand up and moved it on the right side, where (not nightmares came but) someone else. There were: Grinch, 3 witches, Count Dracula, monsters from the closet, a fire boy, Werewolf, Snow Queen, etc. The guardians were looking at them with wide open eyes. >>What did you said Bunny?<< asked Jack. >>Now you will all bow down to me or... they will crush you<< said Pitch confidently. >>Oh, no we are not bowing to you! We are going to fight!<< said Bunny loudly. >>As you wish! And when we are frew with all of you.... I want your tounge, cuted from your mouth!<< said Pitch to Bunny, looking at him very angry. >>Charge!<< said again the boogie man and all of his monsters started to go down towards the guardians. The witches flew down, with their broms, going straight above their head, but the guardians ducked. Then some of them flewed up, to catch the witches. >>Attack!<< said Bunny out loud and went straight at the evil monsters, then the rest went behind Bunny. It was a batle of the century, every one was punching, freezing etc. But... the enemy was wining. Valentina was runing back, towards some big rocks, that were like mountains. But when she camed to the end of it, she found...... that she is in a dead end. Then the girl heared a voice coming towards the rocky mountain and she turned her head back and saw a shadow from the corner, coming slowly to her. Her heart was beating fast and her eyes were wide opened. With her fingers, she was touching the wall of the rock, when suddenly a hand grabbed her at the girls arm and pulled her. The girl quickly looked to her arm, where she saw the hand of someone and then she looked forward, towards a dark medium large opening on the rock. >>Come on. Get inside<< said the quietly voice of someone and Valentina went inside of the opening, withouth questioning or knowing, from who is that voice. When she was inside of it, the werewolf from the edge camed out and looked at the wall. No one was there, so he went back, where he camed from. >>Is he gone?<< asked the stranger. >>I don't know... but I think he left<< Valentina ancered to him. >>O, thank god<< said the man and lighted his staff. Valentina looked at his face, where she could see a old mans face. >>Who are you?<< asked him. >>I, my dear, am Ombric<< said to her. >>Ombric? The one and only Ombric?<<. >>Haha, yes my dear, the one and only, Ombric<<. >>I heard all about you. You taught North how to sword... and everything!<<. >>Yes my dear, that was me. But now, we have to save your friends, they are in a great danger<<. Pitch and his new evil army captured all of the guardians, tieing them with a magical chain. >>We have them all.... just one girl escaped from us<< said the werewolf to Pitch. >>That is no mater, she can't hide in here<< said the king of nightmares to him, then he turned to Bunny, that was standing. >>I told you what can happen and I never leave my promises. Now kneel down<< Pitch said and the monsters kick Bunny in his, both behind legs. And Bunny felt pain and knelt down next to Pitch. >>Bunny!<< said Tooth loudly, trying to go to him, but withouth a chance. Then Pitch camed down to him and went to his right ear. >>Don't wory, it won't hurt a bit<< said Pitch quietly and went back up, then in his left hand, he created a small but sharp knife. >>Let's see, how will you talk now<< said to Bunny his final words, when Tooth screamed: >>Noo!!<<. >>Let him go!<< said Valentina loudly, when Pitch looked straight, where he saw her standing in the middle of nowhere. >>Valentina, you are here. And I see you invited a friend to the party<< and forward camed Ombric. >>Hello Ombrick<< said Pitch. >>Pitch<<. >>You were gone for a while now, why did you camed here?<<. >>A little birdy said to me, that the guardians need help<<. >>O, now that explains everything<<. >>Let them go Pitch<< said Ombric. >>Haha, you know that I woun't right? Grabb them!<< said to his army of monsters and they went for them. >>Quetaly mataly!<< said Ombric and puts his right hand infront and out of it camed a invisible force and went straight at them. When it camed to them, they were all down. And Valentina had her chance and ran straight. But Pitch vanished in the ground and camed near Valentina. >>You will not saved them!<< he said to her, when he created a spear in his right hand and quickly grabbed it with both hands and wanted to punch the girl, but she jumped back, that the spear hitted the ground. When she was at a side, she had time to create a wepon and she create a pink stick. Pitch looked at her and ran towards her, wanting to punch again with the spear, but she blocked it with her stick. Ombric camed near the guadians and saw the chains on their hands. >>Mulatis qula!<< puts his right hand infront again and the chains magicaly dissapeared, he did that in all of the guardians. The batlle between Pitch and Valentina was frightning, but Valentina had some magic of her own to. >>You are going down girly!<<. >>Not if I stop you!<< said to him and punched him in his belly with her stick, that he went a little back. But when he could ran to her again, something behind him stopped his battle. >>Where are you going?<< said someone behind the boogie man. He looked behind and saw North and the other guardians free from their chains. >>No... no! It can't be!<<. >>It can be Pitch. Now leave this place<< said Ombric, that was standing next to North. >>I will come back<< said Pitch and turned back to Valentina. >>And you... we aren't finished yet<< and vanished that no one saw him. Then the other villains that were on the ground, vanished to. >>We woun't see the last of Pitch<< said Ombric. >>But for now, let's all rest<< said North. >>How did you find us?<< asked North Ombric. >>I see you forgot, what abilities I have<<. >>Well.... yes. You were gone for a while now. What if you come with us, to our home?<<. >>No, I have to go. I have lots of work to do<< and Ombric went with his staff towards Valentina. >>Thank you, for helping me<< said the girl. >>I'm glad. But the next time you will fight with Pitch, you have to do it with all of your heart, not just with a piece of it. You will know, when the right time will come<< and he went past Valentina. In a few steps, he quickly vanished in a portal and the guardians couldn't see him again. >>Ok, now let's go everyone<< said North and turned around and started walking towards his sleight. Valentina was still looking, where Ombric vanished but then turned her head straight, where she could see her uncle. >>Thank you, for saving me<< said Bunny and Valentina huged him. When they stopped huging, Bunny looked at her and said: >>Now come on. Let's go<<. >>I will<< said to him and went with a smile.

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