It was night, a very dark night. The clouds were going closer to each other and it was showing, that it could rain. There, near the road, was a carnival, but it was abandoned. On the road, drove a yellow bus and it went right, where was a bus station. From the bus, camed a girl, she was tall, skiny, wearing light cloths - red jacket, black trausers and white shoes. Her hair was dark brown as her eyes were, the face was beautiful, like an angel fell from the sky. So the girl went off and the bus went forward, leaving the girl all alown. She went towards the doors of the carnival. They were huge with iron rods, like from a prison and she could see from the openings so many things. There was a cyrcus, rolercosters,old stalls where were sweets and games, but no one was in the carnival. She looked down where should have been a big lock with chains all over, but there wasn't. So the girl slowly grabbed a iron rod and pushed it forward and the doors were opening. When she was in and a bit far from the doors, they closed itself making noise, that she turned around and was a bit scared, but she was brave, so she turned to the cyrcus and slowly went to it. When the girl was walking on the path, a small video camera on a block was watching her every move. The girl was frigten, so she stopped in the middle of the path and shouthed: >>Anyone here?! Hello??!!<< but no one ancered. >>I've got the messege!<< said again, but once again no one was there. >>Hmm... I will check it again<< said to herself and out from her left pocket, she pulled out a folded letter and opens it. She looked closely to the words, that were writen in the letter. >>Dear miss Lara. Congratulations! You have one the One and Million games! We picked you, because you were the first who posted the letter to us. And, we are giving you a one day fun and game day. Come and join us to the Carnival of fun in California. We will be waiting for you there. Greetings from S.C and L.J.<< she read to herself. >>I was shure, that in the front of the doors said Carnival of fun. Mmmm.... I'll go check it again<< and she puted the letter back in her pocket and wanted to turn, but then she heard a noise, like someone kicked a tin can. >>Hello?!!<< but no one ancered, so she went forward where she heared the noise. Lara was looking left and right , where she could see a man or someone, but she didn't saw anyone. Then she found something, that she never saw before, it was a black medium sized box with a iron rod aside. The box was on the ground near the stall of sweets. >>What is this box doing here?<< asked herself and went to take a look. She knelt down, puted her right hand on the box and tryed to opened it, but it didn't open. So she looked right, where was the rod and Lara slowly moved her same hand to the rod and was turning forward. She had to do it 5 times, till the rod stopped and Lara released it. In a second the rod started moving itself backwards, playing a music - pop goes the weasel. >>Tata ta ta tatata ta ta ta tata ta ta tatatata....<< played the music from the box, when it stopped. Lara was looking at it with ,strange, when the box quickly opened and from it camed a black clown. On his head was attached a black fools hat, his face was grey with big eyes, normal nose and a big smile, his lips were smeared with black lipstick. His clothes were black with white gloves, that were holding a wooden hamer. He had no feet, but he had an iron curve string instead. >>Pop goes the weasel!, hahahaha!<< said the clown with an evil laugh, when he first leaned back, holding the hamer above his head, when he camed back to her and punched Lara on her head with the hamer. She was down, her eyes were still a bit opened, but she could see blur coming in her eyes and in a second she fell into a coma. In a few hours she was coming to herself, her eyes were starting to opened, when she heared a voice. >>Aaa... you are awake. Finaly, we were waiting for you<< said the unknown man. >>What? Who...<< said Lara, when her eyes were clear and she could saw a man sitting on the chair, looking at her. >>Who am I? Did you want to ask me that? Oh... were are my manners. I'm Jonathan Crane, I am a doctor<< said Crane. >>A-aa doctor? W-what are you doing here?<< asked Lara. >>The same as you... but in a diffrent way<< said to her. >>What?<< asked him again, because she was confused and wanted to stand up, but she couldn't, something was holding her down. Then Lara looked with her eyes down and saw, that she was tied with many ropes -on her hands - that were behind the chair, around her belly and her feet. She was trying to get out, but with out luck. Crane smiled and laugh quietly to himself and said: >>You won't go anywhere my dear... or should I call you, Lara?<< and she quickly looked at him. >>How do you know my name?<< asked him with a wondering face. Then Crane slowly raised his right hand and went towards Lara's jacket, where were the pockets and grabbs out the letter. >>We, send you this letter<<. >>Who is we?<< asked Lara again. >>Tadaam!<< said loudly the man from the box, when he hoped on the table, where Crane and Lara were sitting near by. >>I'm with him too!<< said to Lara again when he turned his body around, that he was looking at her upside down. >>Do you remember me?, hahaha!<< laughed the man in the box. >>Laughing Jack... quit it. We don't want to lose our first visitor, right?<< said Crane to him. >>Ok, you are the boss, boss! Hahaha!<< and turned again and hoped to Crane with his black box. >>Laughing Jack? Aaaa...! LJ!<< remembered Lara. >>Well, well, well... you aren't so dumb after all<< said Crane. >>Then who is S.C? I know there were two names<< said Lara. >>Hahaha!<< laughed Lj quietly. >>Should we tell her?<< asked Lj Crane. >>What about, if we show her?<< said Crane. >>Hahaha! Yeah, show her, show her, show her!<< said Lj. >>Show me what?<< asked Lara both of them. >>Oh, you will see. Just wait for a sec<< said to her Crane and opened his briefcase, that was on the floor. When he straightened, Lara saw him wearing a creepy mask over his head. >>Can you remember now, who I am?<< asked her Crane. >>You are Scarecrow...<< said the girl, memorizing, when her eyes got wide opened. >>S.C!<< said Lara again. >>See... you can remember. Now don't be afraid, I am not going to harm you.... I am just going to experiment on you<< said S.c when grabbed a small black gadget slowly from his right pocket. >>What?<< asked frightened Lara, when Sc quickly moved his hand near her face and from the gadget camed a light green spray. Lara turned her head quickly, but the spray camed in her nose and she was breathing the doctors fear toxic. >>What did you done to me?!<< said Lara in fear and turned back to the doctor. >>Buu!<< said Sc, but Lara saw him in a more scary way, because of the fear toxic. >>Aaaa!!<<. >>What's the matter? Seeing something?<<. >>Aaaa! No, go away, go away! Aaaaa!<<. >>You will never escape!<<. And Lara fainted on the chair she was sitting on. >>Hahaha, you sceared her good bos, hahaha!<<. >>Thank you<< said Crane and took off his mask. >>Now you will take her to the basement, where are the others<<. >>Sure, Bos! Hahaha!<< and untied her. Some minutes later, Lara was slowly opening her eyes, where she saw that she is in a different room, the room was very dark. She slowly stood up, but quickly felled down to the ground. She was dizzy from the fear toxic, but she didn't gaved up and again she stood up. Then Lara made her first stepp forward, her knees were very soft and almost fell again. But she didn't, she moved on. In a minute she tripped over something, that was on the ground. Lara pushed herself up from the floar, that was very cold and wanted to move on, when she saw something very black on the ground. She kneed down and touched what was on the ground. She felt something soft, but didn't knew what it was, so she went with her hands to the left, where she could feel something hard. She touched it more and moved slowly with her fingers up and down, left and right. She could feel some holes, something smooth, something hard and fluffy. Lara looked left and right if she could see something to use, that she would see. And on the left side she saw a window covered by a rug. Daylight was shining from thewindow but the rug was in the way. So Lara stood up and went for the window, grabbed the rug and pulled it down. The daylight lighted the room and the girl turned around to see, what was on the floar. She couldn't belive her eyeswhen she saw it. On the floar were dead people, mans and womans. Her face was pale and she had her mouth slightly opened. >>H-how? Why?<< she asked herself, when she heared a noice. That noise was from some doors, they were opening, someone was coming down to her. She went forward to the iron gates and looked from it, she could see some light from the edge and a shadow, it was coming nearer and nearer. So she hides behind the wall, that was on the left side. The shadow was getting bigger, darker and Lara was frighten. But then she could hear something different, like someone was hoping with a box. She remembered herself:>>LJ!<<. Then the big, dark shadow was becoming smaller and hoped up and down, she could hear keys ringing. Lara thought of a plan very quickly and LJ camed to the iron gates. She could see him, how he was putting the key into the key lock and turned it 2 times to her side, but he didn't noticed her. >>Why, hello my pritties, how are you all?, hahahahaha!<< said Laughing Jack, when he camed in the room and went forward, when Lara looked at the key lock, there were keys still in it,she had her chance to finaly escape this creepy hole. >>Now, have you seen....<< said to the dead people again, when he heared that his keys were turning and LJ quickly looked back. Lara was on the other side of the gates, locking LJ with the dead people. >>Oh you little weasel!<< said again and made a angry face and started to hop towards the gates, when Lara was still locking it. In the last minute, she pulled them out, before LJ would grabbed them. >>Oh you little......! Give them back!<<. >>No<< and Lara raned towards the doors, where Laughing Jack camed. >>Boss! Boss! She escaped!<< said out loud to Crane. The doctor was still in his room, where he toxid Lara with his fear, when he heared Laughing Jack's shouthing voice: >>The prisioner is escaping!<<. >>What?<< he said to himself, when he saw something outside the window. >>No!<< stood up, grabbed his mask that was on the table and went to the doors that go outside. Lara was runing to the roller coaster, she looked back a bit, if someone was chasing her. But she didn't saw no one, so she turned course to the right. There was a gigantic clown head with a opened mouth, that tourists would come inside and she went inside. When she camed, she could see very many mirrors. Lara walked very slowly, she looked left and right many times and she just saw her. >>Welcome<< said the voice of dr. Crane. >>You camed in the right place to die<< said again and Lara was frighten and was looking all around, but she could only see herself. >>Don't be frighten of me. We will just have fun....<< said again and she saw him at every mirror. Lara's eyes were wide opened and was slowly backing away. >>Where are you going? We didn't had any fun yet!<< and from his suit, he pulled out a knife. Then Lara raned toward, looking for an exit and went to a section, but in the end of it, she noticed, that she went to a trap. There was no where to go, then she turned around and saw Crane with his mask on and with his knife. >>Aaaa, here you are<< and slowly went to her. Lara backs up just for a bit, till she touched with her back a mirror and then she slowly goes down and sits tightly. >>Don't worry, it woun't hurt a bit<< and raised his hand up with the knife and the girl closed her eyes. And when he wanted to end her life, Lara quickly opened her eyes and stoods up from her bed. She breathed deeply and looked all around. She was in her room, then she looked at the hour and it was 3 am. >>Was it just a dream?<< she asked herself. >>It was only a dream<< she smiled and stood up from her bed and over her window, to get to the kitchen, to have a drink. Out side was raining and the window that she went over was wet frew the out side. Then the lightning flashed and out of the window was shown a small toy, that was sitting on the window shelf- Laughing Jack with his smile.  END???

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