In North Pole, North called the guardians for a meeting. >>Why did you called us in this hour?<< asked Bunny. >>I am sorry my friends, but..... Manny said something about a guardian<< ancered to him North. >>What? A guardian?<< asked him Tooth. >>Whait....did the Man in the Moon said, a new guardian or just a guadian- someone from us?<< Jack asked next. >>Yes, a guardian and just a guardian. I don't know if he ment a new guardian or a guardian<< North said to them both. Then the Man in the Moon lighted his beam down to the plate and opened a hole and from it camed a magical frozen (small) ice crystal. Everyone looked at it, when in the middle camed a bright blue light. >>He choosed a new one<< said North, when the blue magic light build a face and a body. >>It's..... it's....<< said North quietly to himself. Then the guardians could see the new guardian, but it wasn't just one, there were 6 and all were.... girls. >>Wait.... doesn't Manny pick's up just one?<< asked Bunny. >>Who are they exactly?<< asked Jack. >>The new guardians<< said North. But they didn't know about themselfs, until that day..... It was a long time ago, a day before Valentine's day. >>Why can't I come with you?<< asked Valentina. >>Because you are not ready yet<< said Cupid, her brother, that had small wings and with a diaper. >>Not ready?! Then when will I be ready?!<<. >>Some day you will be ready and you will feel it<<. >>But-but.... I feel that. I am ready now!<<. >>No. You are still not ready for this. Now can you please leave me alone? Because I have many things to do<< said Cupid and flew away. Valentina was still standing there, looking sad, because her brother didn't  want any help. Then Valentina went to her room, still sad and lied down on her bed, looking up towards the ceiling. >>I am not ready for it yet?<< said to herself. >>I am ready. I know that I am ready!<< said again and went off the bed. >>I will show that I am ready!<< and went out from the window. Valentina went far, far away from her home and from her brother. The next day was Valentine's day and Cupid had lots of work to do, but his sister was walking towards the forest. >>I will show my brother that I am ready! I will become a guardian! Yeah, he doesn't like to be one of them, because then they will be laughing at him. But not at me<< said to herself. And then she tripped over a trees roth, that was above the ground. >>Waaa!<< shouted, when she falled down. >>Ooo... that hurts<< and wanted to stood up, when she saw something little, blue and was floating above the grass. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. Then Valentina slowly stood and went for the blue floating thing. When she got to it, the blue thing didn't done nothing, but when she wanted to touch it, it quickly disappeared. Valentina quickly moved her hand back to her and looked ,,strange,,. Then she looked everywhere around her, if she could see it again. And yes, she saw it, straight towards was a new blue floating thing, a few meters away. So she went to it, but when she got to it, it disappeared and it apeared again at few meters. This happened 3 times and then she stopped. >>What are you?!<< Valentina shouthed, when the thing disappeared again. >>What do you want from me?!<< said again, when she saw the blue thing again, that was right next to her. But then it was growing, transforming to a human. When it stopped transforming, she could see the thing  as a human- a boy in her age, but he was still  all blue and had a rug over his mouth. >>Who are you?<< asked Valentina. >>We are Wisps. We guide travelers to their faith<< said the Wisps. >>Whisps, ha? Why do you guide them anyway?<<. >>Like we said, we guide them to their fate, like we are guiding you to your fate<<. >>My fate?<< asked Valentina with a wondering face. >>Yes, your fate Valentina<<. >>How do you know my name?<<. >>We know all names, especialy fates that are or will be true. Your fate Valentina is the biggest and the brightes<<. >>Really? Can you tell me?<<. >>We can not. You humans have to see and do it alone<< and the blue boy was starting to disappear. >>Whait! Don't go yet!<< said Valentina, but the Wisps vanished in thin air. >>Will I see you again?<< said Valentina, when she was standing all by herself. She didn't saw no Wisps or a blue boy. >>Where should I go now?<< she asked herself and slowly went  forwards, where was still the forest. Down bellow, behind some trees, one of the Wisps was watching Valentina, how she went into the forest. The girl was still walking towards, looking up, left and right to the trees. When suddenly she heared a noise. Valentina stopped and looked around where the noise was coming. And then she saw it, a bush was moving, the noise that she heared was from the bush, someone was coming. Then the girl created from her powers a long pink  stick and hold it with both of his hands, close to her body. And then it camed out from it. >>Aw! Oh these bushes are killing me<<. It was a bright brown haired girl! She was smaller than Valentina and with warm clothes. The girl patted herself on her arm, that some leafs could go down. Then she looked forward and saw Valentina right ahead at her. The girl was suprised to see a nother girl in the forest. >>Who are you?<< asked the bright brown haired girl. >>I'm.....a girl<< said Valentina, when the girl laughed a bit. >>Haha, yes I can see you are a girl, but I was asking for your name<< and Valentina smiled at her. >>Oh....I am Valentina. And you?<<. >>I'm Niki<<. >>Niki? That's the cutes name ever<<. The girl blushed a bit and smiled. >>Thanks<<. Then they both heared noises from the  forest and from it camed two girls, that were the same- twins. >>Aw, aw, aw. I said to you that it is the wrong side<< said one of the girls, when they both looked straight towards Valentina and Niki. And then a nother girl camed from the right side of the right side of the forest, but she was turned around, because she had something on her clothes. >>Get off!<< she said and falled down on the grass. Then she saw all the girls on both sides. >>Did I miss something?<<. But when the girls met, they all build a camp fire and were sitting on logs. >>Hahaha! Yeah and then he said: What?!<< said Valentina to the girls and all started laughing. >>Hahaha, that was a story!<< said Niki. >>Yeah! And the part from the tomato was hilarious!<< said the girl, that falled down.

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