• Wide eyes13

    I woke up to a normal day, walked to my window to see...........snow in the Summer 

    "God damn you Jack" i said to myself, yeah you proberly think im crazy but i believe in a teenage guardian called Jack Frost, hes my best friend but he's very annoying but i have to admit hes seriously cute.

    "like it?" said Jack

    Speak of the devil

    "I seriously dislike you at the moment Jack" i said as i turned around from the window, walking to the shower held my towel

    "nah you love me" said Jack with a misvious smirk

    i got in the shower turned on WARM and washed but because i have Jack as a bestfriend my beautiful warm water turned to FREZZING COLD,

    "JACK GO AWAY YOU BLOODY TWAT" I scream at the sudden coldness

    "Bye then Kira" laughed Jack

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