The guardians and pitch

A Fanon by Wiki Geek


Pitch's POV

It was just another day for me, guarding the Fearling prison, when I heard her. " Daddy? I'm scared! It's so dark and I can't leave! Daddy!"

She got in... she went in... how...? My mind suddenly filled with fear. I was so scared that I didin't notice what that meant. My hands shook as I unlatched the door, but when it opened, I realized that it was not her at all that had cried for help...

Timora's POV

I trudged through the snow, heading to Mommy and Daddy's house. The snow was really thick, but when I got inside, I wouldn't have to worry about leaks or anything. Okay, when I say house, I don't mean a run down shack, like most of the people on Niveum Telluris have. Castle would be a better word! Big, white, magestic, all that you would expect! That's odd, I thought, squinting. It almost seemed like our snowy White House was turning... black. I started running to the house, anxiety creeping in. No... more like fear, crushing me, and it was building every minute.

When I got to our house, I realized that it wasn't an illusion. A darkness was creeping up our home. Houses here always reflect your family, but this is crazy! And our house was turning darker by the minute.

Trembling, I went inside.

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